Few graphic mediums are more eye appealing than a well-designed poster. Posters have a myriad of uses, but usually their purpose is to attract attention to an event, product or service. Robert Evans at Heyday Branding & Creative Services recently put the eye-catching impact of poster design to full effect when he created giant, 24 x 36 posters for one of his clients, Haas Plastic Surgery and MediSpa. Robert was asked to create several posters for the lobby and offices of the practice located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The result was a series of five posters, each featuring a visually stimulating photograph, which highlights a specific specialty area of Haas Plastic Surgery. We are very pleased Robert and his team at Heyday Branding chose Multicolor Printing to bring this poster project to proper fruition. To assure crisp reproduction, the posters were output on our Epson 7890, wide-format inkjet printer at 2880 dpi, on 8 mil photo satin paper.
Do you have an upcoming project, such as an event or product launch, which could benefit from full-color posters? Multicolor Printing offers a variety of production options including digital color and large-format inkjet, designed to fit any budget. Call 772/ 287-1676. We’ll be happy to stop by and discuss how we can best meet your needs.

*In case you don’t recognize the name Heyday Branding and Creative Services, it’s the new corporate name of Robert Evans’ previous company, Evansewell. Robert describes it as ‘moving up a weight class.