It wasn’t long ago when business of all sizes utilized printed newsletters in their strategic marketing mix. Then came the digital revolution and its pundits proclaiming, ‘eNewsletters rule’, ‘print is dead’, or some other end-of-print prediction. How wrong they were (and continue to be).

ITS Telecom Newsletter

The reality is, printed newsletters remain very much in the marketing mix and will continue to do so because of their strong, multi-purpose use. This is especially true now that digital printing technology allows companies to print newsletters, even in micro-quantities, at prices which compare very favorably with E-blast newsletters.

When it comes to ‘deliverability’, printed newsletters have a huge advantage over eNewsletters. Constant Contact is the 800 pound gorilla in the eNewsletter creation and delivery business, but guess what the AVERAGE OPEN RATE is for Constant Contact? Their own records indicate the industry-wide norm for eNewsletters is an Open Rate of 22% and a Click Through rate of around 12%.

22% !!!

Meaning, 4 out of every 5 eNewsletters are never even looked at by the recipient! Just think of all the hard work associated with creating an eNewsletter, plus the monthly fees charged by the service provider… all for such a lousy delivery rate!

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That is a horrible record, especially when you consider the extremely high delivery rate of the US mail. And let’s not forget how many people see a printed newsletter (in addition to the recipient) as it travels through the mail, sits on a desk or reception table, etc.

Multicolor Printing has a long history of printing newsletters of all sizes, quantities and color options. We can print any quantity efficiently and thus, cost-effectively, because we offer both digital printing and offset printing… in-house.

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