We are proud of the reputation and acclaim Multicolor Printing has achieved over the decades for its quality services and extensive in-house capabilities. As such, it has been afforded the opportunity to collaborate with many of the most talented graphic design houses in South Florida to co-produce projects which are worthy of recognition beyond the norm because of their unique, unusual or complicated nature. This post is another in a monthly series which highlights these outstanding projects.

Sharmin & Sharmin Stationery. CLICK TO ENLARGE

This month we feature our partnership with Strategic Marketing (West Palm Beach, FL) and their terrific stationery design for Sharmin & Sharmin Attorneys.

Terry Murphy, president of Startegic Marketing, and his design team created a visually strong set of stationery and business cards for their client utilizing three production techniques: offset printing, hot foil stamping and embossing. One of our favorite papers for foiling and embossing was chosen for the package: Neenah Paper‘s Classic Crest. The paper color was Natural White and the ink color, PMS 1955 Burgundy. We collaborated with Strategic Marketing’s design team on the choice of foil and foil color. This was a critical factor in the design as there are a myriad of foil companies to choose from, each offering numerous shades of gold foil. Crown Roll Leaf’s Gold 400 foil with BW88 release was the final choice.

Offset printing was the initial phase in the production sequence for the stationery package, followed by foil stamping, then embossing. We chose to foil and emboss on two separate passes rather than a combination run because of the fine lines in the logo art.

The end result can be seen in the photo at left which clearly depicts the foil/emboss combination. The actual product is even more dramatic. A video of the letterhead being foiled on our Kluge foil/emboss press can be viewed HERE.

This stationery project is a great example to demonstrate the importance of working with a printing company with extensive, in-house capabilities… Multicolor Printing. The advantages can be summed-up in three words: QUALITY, CONTROL and VALUE.