This is a continuation of an article appearing in Graphics Arts Magazine– January 1987

What Price, Price?                                                                                                                                                                                               by Richard L. Joutras         Chariman, Bradley Printing Company, Des Plaines, Illinois

Choosing a printer based on quality isn’t easy. But there are several characteristics which set the top-quality printers apart:

  • PLANTall areas, including the pressroom, plate room, and bindery areas, even the truck docks, should be neat, clean, and well organized.
  • EQUIPMENTlook for up-to-date equipment, a sign that the printer is investing in quality work. If older equipment is present, it should be well maintained.
  • PEOPLEThey should be neat and give the appearance of enjoying what they are doing.
  • SCHEDULE the adage, ‘If you want something done, give it to a busy man,” applies here.
  • CUSTOMERSIf the printer’s roster of customers contains corporate names known for their quality products and services, it’s a good sign the printer is delivering quality as well.
  • CONSISTENCY in any job, the quality should be consistent throughout the run. A sample pulled from anywhere in the run should be as good as any other piece. Also, the printer’s attitude toward quality should be consistent on every job.

It takes time, judgement and hard work to be able to make a well informed decision on a quality printer for an important project. A quality commercial printer offers high quality workmanship, a commitment to excellence, experience in its field and pride in its work. Those qualities combine to give a print buyer real value for their money.