Have you ever visited your local printing company and witnessed one of your jobs being printed on press? Perhaps you should. You might be surprised by what you see, that is, if you get to see anything at all. A recent visitor to our plant shared with us her experience with a local ‘printer’ who produced her brochure incorrectly. When she demanded to watch the reprint of the job being printed on press, she learned she would have to drive to Miami, because the ‘printer’ she entrusted her work to, did only graphic design in-house and sent all his customer’s printing needs to “various on-line print companies located throughout the country.”

There are a myriad of printing sources available to print buyers today, but as always… BUYER BEWARE. Many of these, so-called, print vendors┬áHAVE NO EQUIPMENT, EMPLOY NO LOCAL EMPLOYEES AND COLLECT NO LOCAL TAXES TO HELP OUR COMMUNITY AND LOCAL ECONOMY. They are merely brokers who send their customer’s jobs to some far-off internet producer located hundreds or even thousands of miles away. In most cases these jobs are gang-run on a very large press sheet with many other similar jobs… hardly the quality control you should demand.

At Multicolor Printing, we encourage our customers and prospects to visit our plant. We are proud of the vast array of equipment we have assembled during our 45 years of doing business HERE on the Treasure Coast. Our in-house production capabilities include: offset printing, digital printing, large format printing, embossing, foil stamping and die cutting,

Don’t have buyer’s remorse. Educate yourself… know your print supplier’s IN-HOUSE CAPABILITIES.