Multicolor Printing has a long history of partnering with non-profit organizations to help get their message out. We recognize the vital role non-profit organizations play in our community and as such, we offer our deepest discounts to 501c3 groups. Most often our partnerships revolve around brochures, postcards, letterheads, envelopes, invitation packages for gala fund-raising events or year-end appeal campaigns, including direct mail.

Non-profits, religious and charity organizations depend on donors for survival. Their goal is to reach all income levels of donors, from high income to low. Direct mail and printing in general are a mainstay of these organizations fundraising plans. In this endeavor, it is critical that non-profit organization be cautious in the types of printing they have produced, especially for appeal campaigns. If they print and mail items perceived to be too costly, the lower end of their donors might be offended. Conversely, if they mail something unprofessional or cheap, they run the risk of not being taken seriously by high-end donors.

At Multicolor Printing, we provide a variety of printing methods to cover both ends of this spectrum. We offer low-cost digital printing and black-ink offset printing for simple, small-quantity items such as letters, flyers and envelopes. In addition, we offer five-color offset printing for brochures, event posters and newsletters, as well as the embellishments: embossing, foil stamping and die cutting for eye-catching gala invitations.

To summarize, Multicolor Printing is a complete, one-stop print shop for non-profit organizations. We offer an outstanding balance of print production methods, a balance found no where else on the Treasure Coast. If you are responsible for your non-profit organizations printing needs, give us a call at 287-1676. We are certain you’ll be very pleased.