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Top Print Marketing Trends for 2020

As we’re in our first week of the new decade, it’s time to start planning this year’s marketing approach. As you may know, your print marketing materials should echo your digital and social media marketing. We are currently seeing a renaissance in print marketing and watching the trend of tactile materials gain even more popularity.

What are our top print marketing trends for 2020?  

1) Get creative with texture for a unique brand strategy. Texture is trending now, and we have many samples to show you at our shop!
2) Personalize your publications with smaller runs and really target your audience. Sometimes less is better. Understanding your clients to find a niche is an excellent way to stay top-of-mind.
3) Use subscription data (your client email list) and send them a personalized print marketing piece. Your clients may overlook your enewsletter, but a printed mail piece will grab their attention. Knowing when to mail your piece, and how often, is key.

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The Multicolor Team